Centre for Free Expression Whistleblowing Initiative

About Us

Founded in March 2017, the CFE Whistleblowing Initiative is a project of the Centre for Free Expression at Ryerson University. Our mission is to protect Canadian society by making responsible whistleblowing possible through effective protection for Canadian whistleblowers. This will enable Canadians to live and work with integrity and to combat misconduct that may threaten the well-being of our communities and our democracy. Read more...


CFEWI Steering Committee

Sandy Boucher


David Hutton


Peter Jacobsen


Anna Myers


James L. Turk



Guides and Advice

The Whistleblower's Ordeal
How Wrongdoers Operate​
Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide 


Phoenix Project

How to Contact CFE Investigators Securely


The ‘incomprehensible’ Phoenix meltdown: entirely predictable and entirely preventable
CFE Urges the Ontario Security Commission to Clarify it's Whistleblowing Policy Guidance
Commons Committee Report Praised for Proposed Reforms to Whistleblowing Law
CFE Calls for Action on New Federal Whistleblowing Report


Don't Shoot the Messanger! the Importance of Whistleblowers in the Public and Corporate Worlds


What's Wrong With Canada's Federal Whistleblower Legislation