The Issue

Censorship restricts what the public can see, read, hear and know. It happens when some people succeed in imposing their political or moral values on others by suppressing words, images, or ideas to which they object

Why It Matters

Freedom of expression rights are fragile and endangered by efforts of governments, special interest groups or individuals to impose their viewpoints by blocking access to that which they do not approve.

Our Work

The Centre for Free Expression upholds the freedom of the public to read, to hear, to see, to know and to think for themselves.  We monitor censorship in Canada, and, through public education and advocacy, we promote free expression.

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Blog Post: The Nurse’s Facebook Case that calls into question the reasonableness of the “reasonableness standard”

The Disciplinary Committee of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) says

By Micheal Vonn

Blog Post: Censoring Consensual Sex Workers will not Save the Sex Trafficked

On April 11, 2018, President Trump signed into law two anti-trafficking bills which will not only censor consensual sex workers, but will also profoundly affect freedom of expression on-line.

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Blog Post: Campus Speech and the Inflation of Harm

There’s more interest in campus free expression than we have seen since the Great Student Revolts of 1968, or even further back in the last century, in the

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Past Event: Are Arts Funders Starting to Define the Art?

Panelists: Philip Akin, Pat Bradley, Adrienne Wong

Moderator: Keith Barker